1 verb
1 (I, T) to do something or go somewhere more quickly than usual, especially because there is not much time: The movie begins as six - we'll have to hurry. | hurry through/along/down etc: She hurried down the corridor as fast as she could. | hurry after sb: John went hurrying off after his girlfriend. | hurry to do sth: They were hurrying to catch their train. | hurry sth: I don't want to have to hurry my meal.
2 (T) to make someone do something more quickly: Don't hurry me; I'm working as fast as I can.
3 hurry up! spoken used to tell someone to do something more quickly: Hurry up, we're late! | hurry up with: Hurry up with the accounts - the boss is waiting for them.
4 (transitive always + adv/prep) to take someone or something quickly to a place: hurry sth to/through/across etc: Emergency supplies have been hurried to the areas worst hit by the famine.
hurry sb/sth up phrasal verb (T) to make someone do something more quickly or to make something happen more quickly 2 noun
1 be in a hurry to do something, go somewhere, need something etc more quickly than usual, often too quickly: Sorry, I can't stop, I'm in a hurry. | You'll make mistakes if you do things in too much of a hurry. | be in a hurry to do sth: Why are you in such a hurry to leave?
2 will not be doing sth (again) in a hurry spoken used to say that you do not want to do something again: We won't be going back there again in a hurry, I can tell you.
3 in your hurry to do sth while you are trying to do something too quickly: In his hurry to leave the room he tripped over a chair.
4 be in no hurry/not be in any hurry to be able to wait because you have plenty of time in which to do something: I'll wait till you've closed up - I'm not in any hurry.
5 be in no hurry to do sth/not be in any hurry to do sth to be unwilling to do something or not want to do it soon: I'm in no particular hurry to leave
6 (there's) no hurry spoken used to tell someone that they do not have to do something soon: You can give me the money back next month. There's no great hurry.
7 what's (all) the hurry?/why (all) the hurry? spoken used to say that someone is doing something too quickly: We've got plenty of time - what's all the hurry?

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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